Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Is Kate Middleton Pregnant?

There have been claims that Kate Middleton is now six weeks pregnant! How exciting! Reports say that the Duchess is setting up several nurseries in different locations including where the Royal couple expects to settle down in Scotland. Supposedly the Prince wants a baby girl, and suggested names were Alice or Rose. For a boy, the couple has picked the names Phillip or Michael.
Having a baby girl would definitely put a spin on things! This would be England's first Queen by blood, as the law used to state that the first boy in the family would inherit the thrown. Kate being 29, surely is hoping for a child at this age.
There has been so much attention put on this couple from the media over the past year and without the royal announcement the media is anxiously waiting for it!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Royal Tour 2011

   As newly weds, Kate and William were very excited to begin on their first official Royal tour together. The tour consists of them visiting Canada for nine days and finishing up in America for three days. The couple will travel to Ottawa first, where there will be a celebration held for their arrival. They will also visit cities such as Charlottetown, Montreal, Quebec, Calgary, and Vancouver. The Queen is part of Canada's sovereign and head of state, therefore having a part of the Canadian royalty to the country is a very big deal for Canada. Check out some of Kate's outfits!
The Lace Dress have been a fashion phenomenon!
Kate's purple dress is a classic V-neck wrap around style that she wears often. And she rocks it!
  The couple finished the tour by visiting Los Angeles where they attended a black-tie Bafta dinner and reception, as the Duke of Cambridge is Bafta's President. Below are some photos of the couples trip to the U.S.
The couple arrived in L.A. at around 4:00pm on July 8.
Kate looks stunning in her arrival to the  Bafta event in Los Angeles. Her Alexander McQueen dress was my absolute favorite look for Kate!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding

This is my first post of my newly designed blog! Since it's all about Kate Middleton and her adventures with Prince William, I think it only fitting to post about the Royal Wedding as my first blog post!
   The Royal Wedding took place Friday 29 April 2011 at Westminster Abbey. Around 1900 people were invited to the wedding that were mostly friends and family. More than 2 billion people were expected to watch the Royal wedding from 180 different countries through television and broadcasting. The Telegram reported calculations of 2.8 billion people between Britain and the United States of posting Facebook statuses 24 hours before the wedding. For more on the royal wedding, check out some of these links:
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